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A decorous entertainer gets the toast of celebration with applause and appreciations, but the sign of a quality film is that it keeps brewing with good values and essence in hearts and minds.
Brimming with significant morals and beautiful messages that touch everyone, Thozha has reached out with immense values. Among the extremely abundance of,
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS that audience take back home after watching the film.
First and foremost, the film broke the pre-existing assumptions that ‘Money is the only solution to all problems’. We get to see the happy-go-lucky Seenu realizing it lately with his acquaintance to Vikram.
Every person is born to complete a task – When times are so hard and one feels that their existence means nothing to others, remember one thing,
every person born on planet has a mission to complete irrespective of big or small deed. 
You’re always special to someone – When you feel lonely at times, it’s best to remember that you’re always special to someone and you could make a big difference in someone’s life. 
The real happiness lies within – Indulging in external adventures can offer temporary happiness, but the real joy lies within oneself when the self-realization happens. 
True Friendship and Love doesn’t see your looks, but inner beauty – No definitions! The phrase says it all, which is so real and true. 
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Nothing is precious as Mother’s Love – Honouring your parents doesn’t mean offering them richness, but it happens with the way you lead your life. 
Friendship is wealth, but a good spouse is treasure – This saying pre-exists for centuries and yes, you get it embellished beautifully through this film.
Don’t take life too seriously…. Perhaps, this is something that we are going through at this moment. Lots of dreams that eventually turns into pressures… Why take life serious? 
Conquer the fear – How about you conquer the fear? Just break the walls of fear that you’re confined. Turn crazy at times and see how the life smiles at you,
just like the boisterous Seenu (Karthi) on his paragliding and the quadriplegic Vikram Aditya (Nagarjuna) on his car race. 
Finally, it’s all about forgiveness and repenting opens the doors of heaven.  
Endowing the audience with so much of blissful gifts, the film has garnered an incredulous box office reception across the globe,
where trade circles report cite – $904,000 on 163 screens in the U.S followed by a tremendous sweep in Indian Box Office with 28 crore in first 3 days.


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